A series of facets are graphically described in the story, which helps paint such vivid and at times, such superstitious, pictures in the minds of the readers. Just the thought of living in a society, among individuals who you believe grow “wings of flame” is enough to give you images, which in reality is superstitious.

Some other images which are successfully reflecting the setting of the story is the idea of burning the dead prisoners in the prison compound, the idea of the “Madonna’s eyes” (p449) shedding tears though it is just a statue, the idea that the women of the prison “have been seen at night rising from the ground like birds on fire” (p449), the comparisons of people to “ashes…light…sparks….”, the image of the six women in Manman’s prison cell after she had died, all contribute to this imagery.

And last but not least, the final image in the story at “the Massacre River” “in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-seven”(p455), when the narrator states that her “mother did fly”, and “she glowed red when she came out [of the river], blood clinging to her skin, which at that moment looked as though it were flames”(p455).