The Lougarou (Creole) or Loup Garou is a mythical creature that magically flies at night either by turning into a bird or by taking off their skin turning into a ball of fire and flies around in the night killing children. The Lougarou stems from the voodoo or vodou beliefs of the Haitian people. It is said that a Lougarou can identified because the person has to salute in four directions before they transform and if they take the form of an animal their eyes glow red.

A woman is not born a Lougarou but is converted into one if her actions displease a Hougan. A Hougan a voodoo priest, whose role it is to preserve the ritual and songs and maintain the relationship between spirits and the community as a whole. The Hougan is not prosecuted by the society but if a woman is seen visiting him to often she is labled as a Lougarou and is prosecuted.