Most of the female characters in Nineteen Thirty-Seven have experienced some sort of violent treatment by males either directly or indirectly. In the story, Manman’s hair and that of the other prisoners is shaved off. This is an attempt by the prison guards to dehumanize the women and to make them look like crows. “…I realized that they wanted to make them look like crows, like men.” (450). The crow is a symbol for death and the guards’ attempt to make them look like crows may be significant as it is as though these women have died within themselves in prison. It as is though these guards are marking the women for death. The fact that the guards are attempting to make them look like men also indicates the insignificance of women and it may also be the prison guards’ way of justifying the inhumane treatment of the women. By cutting off the hair of the women, they appear to be men and thus, they may be treated as such and endure harsh beatings and conditions like men. In the narrative, only women have been accused of being “Lougarous” and imprisoned.